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What is a steel wire brush?

Time: 2024-05-18
Author: Nothing
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Steel brush is a brush that selects the corresponding model of steel wires for different uses, and a brush with different steel wire diameter is selected. The wire has two types: straight wire and ripple wire. The thickness of the wire can be determined according to different needs. Two types of straight silk and curv.

Nao wire is suitable for drilling brush brushes, such as wooden -board steel wire brushes, wooden handle wire brushes, disc steel wire brushes, etc.; The roller is indispensable. If the wire is used, it is impossible to be standardized and neat at all after folding the wire. The curved wire can be relative to the nearby brushing nearby due to its own curvature. The tiltness is slightly disclosed, and the surface of the brush roller surfaces surrounded by this is more density, strong, and rust -removing the strength.