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What scenarios are used in industrial brush?

Time: 2024-05-18
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The main application range of industrial brushes is in five aspects: dust, polishing, cleaning, grinding, and painting.

1. The main purpose of dustbush brush and dust brush is installed on the entrance and exit of industrial equipment, assembly lines, doors and windows and other components to prevent dust from drilling through these gaps, pollution equipment and products, so the requirements for brush wires are the requirements of brush wires. It has high elasticity, the surface of the brush is well lubricated, and special occasions are best with flame retardant, abrasion resistance, and anti -static function. For example, the escalator safety brush is a dustproof brush category, but its requirements are higher.

2. The polishing brush is mainly used to remove burrs and finely polishing the surface of the parabon. Well, the most ideal brushing wire should be bronze wires. If the general metal material is rusty and dehuminating, then the steel wire with better hardness can be used;

3. Cleaning brush is the most commonly used industrial roller brush. It is generally used for the cleaning and industrial general cleaning and dust removal of fruit and vegetables in the deep processing of agricultural and sideline products. Anti -corrosion and aging, it is not easy to deform for a long time. If the performance of the brush is not good, when the object is in a certain position for a long time, it will cause the groove of the brush roller, which destroys the use of the roller brush. Bar brush roller is scrapped;

4. The grinding brush is used less. Generally, industrial grinding will be done directly with grinders such as wheels. These are not within the category of industrial brushes, but for the treatment of hair grinding in the textile industry, it must be used for silicon -containing silicon carbide. The abrasive wire brush roller, the number (density (density) of the silicon carbide in the abrasive wire should be appropriately adjusted with the strength of the fabric and the effect that needs to be grinded.

The bristles are used for cleaning and cleaning, coatings, transportation, sedimentation, membrane, dust removal, powder sprinkling; polishing, cleaning and other applications. We can customize the brush of various size specifications and various brushing materials to meet your application needs.